About Sato

PT SATO SARA SEMESTA (SATO) is an Indonesian leading company with the business focus in producing car wash tools and automotive equipments. The company was founded in 1996 by Mr. Moeljadi, with single post lift as the first product. Now , SATO have been developed in an innovative and modern product, until producing automatic car wash machine with the brand “ROBOTIC CARWASH®”.

SATO products have been used by several leading companies in Indonesia, such as ; PT Pertamina Retail, Toyota Astra, Auto Bridal Indonesia, PT Kawan Lama Sejahtera, C3 (Car Care Center), Master Snow, Macsauto Indonesia.

SATO products have also penetrated into the international markets, such as to Poland, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Africa, and Timor Leste.



1996: SATO started the business from a service and spare-parts manufacture of industrial machinery. At that time, Mr. Moeljadi set up business in Duri Kosambi, West Jakarta with a business area of only 300m2 land.

1999: The company focused on the automotive industry that producing automotive special equipments and car wash tools. Featured product at the moment is a single post lifts, with trademark SATO®.

2000: SATO improve its business area into a 1,421 m2 land.

2004: Cooperation with the Directorate of Vocational School - Department of National Education Republic of Indonesia.

2006: SATO establish a new factory in cipondoh, with an area of 4,000 m2, and 60% of its business location, have a concept blends with nature (Go Green). It is inspired SATO for designing robotic car wash technology and other equipment that are environment-friendly.

2007: SATO launches product and patent rights of ROBOTIC CARWASH® SC-306.

2009: Cooperation exports to Africa and India

2010: SATO expands its business area in Cipondoh to 5000 m2 land.

2012: Cooperation exports to Vietnam.

2013: Cooperation exports to the United Arab Emirates and East Timor.



To be the leading manufacture in Indonesia for world quality products, in the field of vehicle washing equipment and other automotive industry services to satisfy customers requirement.


  • To produce world quality product
  • To developt innovative product and new services to fulfill customers requirement
  • To give excellence service to our customers



SATO has a workforce and teams of experts, ranging from design into production process with the best quality control to ensure high quality and innovative products. Professional working spirit of this is the driving force and the power of SATO products.

SATO product is the result of the work of the Indonesian nation. Working closely with the Directorate of Vocational Schools Department of Education, SATO made internship program for outstanding students at vocational schools (SMK) in Indonesia. SATO is committed to realizing the potential of Indonesian children become professional workforce in the future.

SATO produce products that are environmentally friendly, innovative and have passed certification testing of products, to guarantee quality and excellence. SATO has been ready to compete in quality and price in facing ACFTA.