Steam Vehicles Using Dishwashing Soap are Risky

Some people choose to wash their own vehicle at home rather than a steam place. One of the reasons is to save money. Even though it is cheaper, vehicle owners still have to use soap which is intended to clean the vehicle body.

We commonly see vehicle owners using dish soap when cleaning their favorite car. Even though this soap is not recommended for washing cars. Vehicle owners are strongly discouraged from washing their car with dish soap. The chemicals from the soap are considered too harsh and can damage car paint.

At first glance, washing a car with dish soap makes the vehicle look clean. However, if you have used wax, the soap will immediately dissolve all the wax in the car body. If you repeat this habit, dish soap will run the risk of eroding paint and can cause rust in the car.

It will also dull the varnish and paint on the car.


Use a special shampoo

Instead of being thrifty but even damaging car paint, you better keep using a special shampoo. The important thing to note is the pH and silicon levels. A good shampoo for cars has a pH level above 7 and has a silicon content of at least 60 percent. If it is below these standards, the quality is not good. Low levels of silicon can be seen from how to lather the car body. Before being watered, the shampoo dries up. This is dangerous because the material is hard and there is a risk of damaging the body if you wash it.