Robotic Car Wash SC-306 R

  • A new solution, car wash machines are sophisticated and efficient
  • Vehicle washing process in just 5 minutes
  • Robotic carwash using a computerized system that is simple in operation and light maintenance
  • Compact design , presenting modern robotic tech machines, strong, safe and very light treatment
  • Equipped with features that make it easier to control and facilitate the operation of the machine
  • The buttons on the control panel, display counters, Robo messenger, sensor size, etc., are provided to support the convenience of managing your business

  • Computerized Control , PLC control panel that allows the operating system robotic machine safe and practical
  • Counter Display , Features built- in control panel that calculates the number of vehicles washed
  • Under Body Spray ( optional ) , spray pressure at the bottom of a moving vehicle automatic
  • Censored Size ( Optional ) , advanced sensors that can automatically adjust the length of the vehicle
  • ROBO Messenger, Robotic Carwash feature that can send a number of vehicles to be washed by text message / SMS to mobile

  • Dimension : 6205(P) x 3610(L) x 2990(T) mm
  • Construction : Steel 4 inch x 5 mm
  • Finishing : Powder Coating
  • Control Panel : PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Process : 4-step Semi Automatic
  • Power Supply : 380 V, 50 Hz, 8 Kw
  • Air Pressure : 2-6 bar
  • Water Pressure : 15 bar
  • Wash Capacity : 20 cars/hour

  • The shipping cost is free for jabodetabek
  • 1 year warranty spare parts for robotic carwash
  • 1 year warranty grunfos spare CR317
  • Installment material , electrical wiring , plumbing , sand , cement etc. borne by the buyer
  • For installation and service beyond jabodetabek Accommodation and transport technicians borne by the buyer
  • Installation time 5 days / units
  • Method of payment , 50 % when order , 50 % when ready to send

About Us

PT SATO SARA SEMESTA (SATO) is Indonesia's leading company in the production of automotive equipment and equipment, under the trademark "SATO" and "ROBOTIC CARWASH". We continue to develop in an innovative and modern, to create a car wash machine with a robotic system of quality, the original work of children of Indonesia. SATO products have been used by some of the leading companies in Indonesia and have penetrated the international market, among others; Poland, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Africa & Timor Leste.

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